Which Web Directories Should You Submit To?

As I explained in my post Free Australian Web Directories, the single biggest reason to list in directories is that they help search engines understand what your site is about and help improve your relevancy and position.
Since search algorithms are just programs without intelligence, they must rely upon the intelligence of humans to structure their search results. Human edited directories, for this reason, are important to be listed in.
Look, before anyone goes on a Website Submission binge, where you submit your website unbiasedly left, right and centre, or you pay some random $5 on fivver.com to list your site for you to hundreds of sites in the hope that you rank on page #1, let's look at some things to be aware of that will help maintain a common sense approach:
  1. Do not bother submitting to Directories where links are "no follow", they do not count towards any search engine recognition.
  2. If the Directory Site looks too spammy, then it's a spam website!
  3. Directories created just to sell AdSense: AdSense and cheap link rentals, they're just money collectors in disguise.
  4. Garbage Directories, they place sites in semi-organised categories and they call it a directory. Google delists these as fast as they can find them.
  5. Duplicate Directories, ones that look exactly the same but with a similar name, they're obviously just link farming.
  6. Don't believe the hype from Web Directories claiming to be the best!  On the flip side, don't claim yourself to be the best either, hyped-up listings are often rejected or deleted anyway.
  7. Before you hand over money to any directory, perhaps consider free sites that might suffice.
  8. Do put the directories you've chosen to link with through a Google search and see how they a). Rank b).  If they are a no-show, they've been delisted.
  9. Do keep a record of sites you list on, your username and password (if applicable), my spreadsheet comes in handy for this, just add some columns.
So there you have it, you've learnt something.  Okay now go spread the word that is your Business. Oh, and you'll need this >> Download your Free Australian Directories Websites Database here P.S. whilst I have put so much time and effort into researching and putting this database together and weeding out many Spam Directories, it is your responsibility to choose the best Directories for you.  You'll know them when you see them. Updates to my Database will occur quarterly throughout the year. Talk soon, tee-signature
Tarnae Schiara

I am a Graphic & Web Designer/Developer, addicted to blogging. My blog is a holistic mash of graphic design + digital media + business and internet-based resources, brought together with creative inspiration and things I find beautiful.

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  2. Anna Cordeaux via Facebook
    November 7, 2013 at 3:58 am

    Got your spreadsheet now, wow! That must’ve taken a while, thank you!! Hope you’re well.

  3. I’m fabulous Anna! Having such a great day today :) Hope you are too. I’m glad you went the download. Yes, had to sneak in some hours over the last 2 weeks.

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